Water Feature Benefits

March 30, 2023

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Water features are more than just fountains and ponds. When it comes to hardscaping, we can create them so they not only provide your health but the value of your home.

“How’s that possible, Mark?”

Well, having integrated hardscape features as part of a swimming pool provides a multitude of benefits. First and foremost, it adds to the overall aesthetics of the pool area. Water features like waterfalls, rain descents, and sheer descents can be visually striking and enhance the landscape’s appeal. Additionally, the constant movement of the water provides a reminder of the pool, encouraging people to swim and spend more time outdoors, enjoying the company of loved ones in a fun and relaxing setting.

Water features also provide health benefits. If your water feature is attached to your pool, it may encourage you to jump in more frequently and get a few laps in. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise.

By adding a water fountain to the pool, the circulation of the water can help filter the water, balance the chemicals, and lower the water temperature during hot summer days, making the pool more comfortable and enjoyable. The constant movement helps prevent standing, stagnant water. This is a huge plus in the hot, humid climate of Florida.

Despite concerns about water loss due to evaporation, most pool feature evaporations only amount to about an inch of water per week, which is negligible compared to the overall volume of the pool. There is the unfortunate bit of regular maintenance as well. But this is where it can help improve your overall health as well! Not only does your pool provide you exercise benefits while you swim, but always while you’re walking around the edge cleaning out any debris. If you have kids, you can get them involved and teach them all about water safety. I’d say that’s a win. The benefits of having a water feature at a swimming pool outweigh any potential downsides.

In our opinion, having a water feature as part of a swimming pool can enhance the overall aesthetics, encourage people to swim, provide health benefits, and improve the pool’s filtration and temperature regulation.

Written By Shawna Barnes

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