our Process

A Guide To Your Backyard Getaway

what makes us different

All of our hardscapes are custom designed just for you. We use a special process that uses concrete instead of natural stone. We stamp and stan each piece to give it a natural look and feel, but this process causes less wear and tear on your yard and cuts costs.

Step 1

The first step is to reach out to us and schedule your consultation. We will reach out to you and find the best time for us to come and talk about your vision for your hardscape.

Step 2

During the design consultation, we will go over options, look at your site, and discuss the details of the project.  We will get to know your vision in more detail so we can custom design your space.

Step 3

We will head back to our office and go over each element of your design. We will run the numbers and send you an estimate of the cost of your project as well as a look at what the final project will look like. 

Step 4

After your initial estimate and project design, we will start to fine-tune your project to make sure it’s perfect for your needs and budget. When you comfortable we will sign your contract and get your initial deposit. 

Step 5

This is when the magic happens. Our team will start working on your project. We will be in constant communication to help you choose the color, patterns, and any tweaks you wish to make to your hardscape design.

Step 6

Invite over your friends and family to enjoy your new backyard escape!